We only have 1 vehicle for 2 safe houses that are over two hours apart. This makes it challenging to quickly reach girls at risk of being cut, to carry out home visits with girls’ guardians in order to facilitate reconciliation, and to perform follow-up visits with girls who have already returned home.

Water and Sanitation

Our Butiama safe house in Kiabakari village lacks tap water. This means that girls living there have to wake up very early to fetch water and the available water is sometimes not clean, posing a danger to health. We would like to drill a borehole so that girls and staff will have access to safe drinking water on site, but we have very limited funds.

Vocational Training Supplies

Our free vocational training programme is in need of additional supplies, such as more sewing machines, large tables, and cupboards. We additionally need several more laptops for our computer skills lessons.

Office Equipment

Laptops will also be very useful for our staff and a printer with a scanner would be of great benefit to help facilitate our work.